Sea Salt Caramel Craze

Sea Salted Caramel Dulce de Leche Ribbon Swirled Through Mama’s Own Sea Salted Caramel Flavored Ice Cream


Milkfat And Nonfat Milk, Sugar, Dulce De Leche Spiral (Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk, Corn Syrup, Water, Butter (Cream, Salt), Coconut Oil, Potassium Sorbate (Preserves Freshness), Sea Salt, Pectin, Natural And Artificial Flavoring, Vanilla Extract), Sea Salted Caramel Base (Corn Syrup, Butter (Cream, Salt), Water, Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk, Natural Flavor, Caramel Color, Annatto (For Color), Salt, Carrageenan), Skim Milk, Stabilized And Emulsified By (Propylene Glycol, Monoester, Mono And Diglycerides Glycol, Guar Gum, Cellulose Gum, And Carrageenan.

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