Winter days can be hard to stay motivated. Our Snowman S’mores Parfait made with Belfonte Vanilla Yogurt is a sweet treat for those mornings that need a little extra to get you and your kids moving.


2 cups Belfonte Vanilla Yogurt
1 cup Graham Cracker cereal
½ cup mini chocolate chips
½ cup mini marshmallows
4 large marshmallows
2 pieces of candy corn
2 mini pretzels


Layer yogurt, Grahams, mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in small glasses until full. For the snowman: Using a toothpick, stack two large marshmallows on top of each other, using a second toothpick if necessary. Make eyes, mouth, and buttons from chocolate chips, add a piece of candy corn for the nose and break down the pretzels to make arms. Enjoy!

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