Belfonte Dairy | From the Heart of Kansas City


Hey, neighbor.

You’ve seen our products in the store and at your favorite restaurants around town. You might even remember some of the commercials featuring our founders from when you were growing up. What you might not remember is that we’re pure Kansas City through and through — just like you.

Since 1969, we’ve been bringing families like yours smiles every day with rich, delicious dairy products made right here in Kansas City. In our town, there’s local barbecue, there’s local beer and there’s your very own local dairy — Belfonte.

Hometown flavor

Belfonte is home to more than 150 employees. We wear red on Fridays and spend our summers out at the K, just like you. We visit the zoo, hit the antique stores in the West Bottoms, and flock downtown for concerts and events, just like you.

And, just like you, quality and taste are what matter to us when it comes to what we eat and drink, so our products are made with only the finest dairy from local farms. That’s what helps us give you the unmatched fresh, creamy flavor in each and every Belfonte product – from ice cream to yogurt to dip.

Local love

But it’s not enough for us to just bring you quality dairy. We want to be part of the fabric of our community as well, so we support local charities like Harvesters, Dream Factory, Jazzoo and Children’s Mercy Hospital through service and donations every year.

When you choose Belfonte, we want you to know you’re choosing a product from a hometown company that cares about quality, about our community, and about you — from the heart of Kansas City.

Our History

After years of working as a door to door milkman, Sal Belfonte wanted something different. Fueled by his desire to make a great ice cream he started the Belfonte Dairy Distribution Inc., in 1969. The young company, rooted in family values, was run by the members of the Belfonte family. Sal’s wife handled accounting and his children loaded trucks and answered phones.
In December of 1985, Belfonte gave Kansas City its first locally owned ice cream and cultured dairy products production plant.

Today, the Belfonte name is found on more than 190 products in more than 550 supermarkets and convenience stores, and in more than 600 restaurants, country clubs, hospitals, schools and food service facilities. Belfonte Ice Cream is distributed from Kansas City to Wichita to Tulsa.

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