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Caramel Macchiato Icebox Cake

This decadent, coffee-shop inspired icebox cake featuring Belfonte Ice Cream and homemade espresso whipped cream will delight your taste buds, ease your holiday hustle, and free up your oven! Homemade espresso whipped cream takes just minutes to prepare and provides a not-too-sweet foil for rich Belfonte Ice Cream and salted caramel.


1 quart Belfonte Sea Salt Caramel Craze Frozen Yogurt OR Café Caramel Macchiato Frozen Yogurt
2 cups Belfonte Heavy Whipping Cream
3 tsp natural vanilla extract
4 Tbsp espresso powder
6 Tbsp brown sugar
1 (14.4-oz) box cinnamon graham crackers
1 small jar salted caramel topping


To make homemade espresso whipped cream:
Chill the bowl that you’ll be making your whipped cream in by placing it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

Dissolve espresso powder and brown sugar in natural vanilla. Combine Belfonte Heavy Whipping Cream with espresso powder, brown sugar, and vanilla in stand mixer and whip on medium-high speed.

Now, watch it whip! Whipped cream only takes a few minutes to make, so stand by your mixer so you can immediately stop the mixer when it’s ready. Look for medium peaks on your whipped cream. When you lift the beater(s) from the bowl, you should see a slightly sturdy peak on them. Don’t be afraid to stop the mixer during this process to check for the right consistency in your whipped cream.

To assemble the cake:
Butter a 9×13 pan to prevent sticking. Lay a single layer of cinnamon graham crackers in a prepared pan. Slice open package of frozen yogurt down the side to completely remove from the packaging. Create even “slices” of ice cream and lay across the graham crackers. Spread espresso whipped cream atop ice cream and drizzle with salted caramel. Repeat layers, finishing the top with espresso cream. Drizzle the top of your cake with salted caramel and top with finely chopped chocolate or chocolate shavings if you wish.

This cake can be made the day before. For easy serving, remove from the freezer 5-10 minutes prior to cutting.

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